The Varying Pace of Mambo

There have been many pieces of music written for the Mambo. Oddly, this is a dance that does not have a regulated pace. Slow Mambo music is approximately 32 beats per minute. This is not slow, and many beginners will have a difficult time keeping up with this speed due to the complexity of the dance. It may seem incredibly fast, but many experienced Mambo dancers are willing to take on the challenge of faster music.

Composers of Mambo music often challenge their audiences. The fastest pace of Mambo music so far is 56 beats per minute. This pace is a considered a challenge for professional Mambo dancers and should not be attempted by beginners. Dance instructors and professional dancers are quick to point out that the variety of steps and their complexity makes faster Mambo dancing difficult for many. Starting off slowly after learning the basic steps is the best way to become an accomplished Mambo dancer.