Exotic Dancing

The Strong Mambo Comeback

Originally introduced in Havana, the Mambo was popular during the 1940's. It was a time when life was more innocent and dancing was a popular...

Exotic Dancing

The Varying Pace of Mambo

There have been many pieces of music written for the Mambo. Oddly, this is a dance that does not have a regulated pace. Slow Mambo...

Exotic Dancing

Mambo Dancing on a Date

True to its Latino roots, Mambo is considered an erotic dance. The fast steps and swaying hips express sexuality in true Latin fashion. Spins are...

Cuba is the country where the Mambo originated. Latin music has long been a part of this culture, but Haitians influenced the music when some settled within the country. Mambo is a Haitian word for a voodoo religious leader. With its closeness to the United States, the original creator of Mambo music was influence by American music as well. American Swing music and Jazz have also been attributed as part of the influences that helped create the Mambo.

Mambo's original appearance was in a Havana nightclub in 1943. The composer and band leader was Perez Prado. His music was popular in Havana at the time, and many other bands were quick to copy his popular style. There have been many versions of Mambo music since its beginnings. Latin bands were the first to pick up on this new dance music and create their own versions. They spread it throughout the world as the music and the dance became popular.