Mambo Dancing on a Date

True to its Latino roots, Mambo is considered an erotic dance. The fast steps and swaying hips express sexuality in true Latin fashion. Spins are part of this exotic dance, and help the partners move together at the quick pace demanded by the music. While not an easy dance for beginners to master, it is a wonderful dance for couples who love to get on the floor and show the world their dancing abilities as a couple.

Mambo has all the elements of an erotic couple's dance. Like the Bolero, it has partners that must move together quickly while keeping their steps in check. These moves are much faster than the Bolero and the couple must be able to work together while on the floor. Dancing on a date is always a risky move, but the Mambo makes it an exciting challenge for both partners.

One beautiful aspect of this dance is the partnership that develops on the dance floor. Each person must be able to keep up with the music as well as their partner. Smooth motion in the legs and hips is necessary to keep the dance from being awkward. A couple can really get to know each other physically as they work their way to the end of the music. The fast pace ensures they will have a real work out by the time they are done.

Latin music is often fast paced. It is considered a way to express sexuality through dance moves. Taking a date Mambo dancing is a way to express intimate feelings without saying a word. As the partners move across the dance floor, their bodies will learn to work together to complete the dance. Once off the floor, the dance may bring them to a new level of understanding in their relationship.