The Strong Mambo Comeback

Originally introduced in Havana, the Mambo was popular during the 1940's. It was a time when life was more innocent and dancing was a popular thing to do on a date. Latin music spread quickly at that time due to its erotic nature. For years, the Mambo was one of the most popular dances enjoyed by couples. They could express their sexuality publicly without censure. Eventually, this dance craze faded away as many have. It is beginning to make a strong comeback through the ballroom dancing competition scene.

Ballroom dancing has become very popular lately. The world of television has been busy for many years. Show ideas come and go quickly as audiences ignore shows they don't like. Popularity is the important factor. It has amazed countless television executives, but ballroom dancing keeps viewers glued to their sets, and they continue to come back for more. The popularity of ballroom dancing competitions has soared in recent years.

One reason for the strong comeback of the Mambo is its complexity of steps. There are quick steps and slow steps within the dance. Hip movement is also a factor. Smoothness is easy to see as two partners attempt to complete their dance together. In addition to hip movement and complex steps, there are also spins in the Mambo. Add all these factors together, and a good Mambo is the way to get better scores from the judges.

There is one more factor that has made Mambo a good dance for competition. It is fast paced, even at its slowest speed. Many couples try to win competitions by using the fastest Mambo music available. This adds complexity to an already difficult dance. It allows the judges to give higher scores for a solid performance and allows couples a better shot at winning the prize.